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JP FreekJP Freek Adventure Magazine (Summer 2016 Product Review):

"Plug and play at its finest, the Speedo Healer is a dead simple install to fix our speedo once and for all."

JP MagazineJP Magazine (January 2012: New Products):

"From speedometer gears to electronic devices, there has never been a way to correct your speedometer that is so easy....Swap gears or tires as often as you want and actually be able to use your speedometer"

4WD Magazine Online4WD Magazine Online Blog (December 13, 2011):

"There are no wires to splice and no trial-and-error programming. The SpeedoHealer is truly plug-and-play"

"Our transmission shifts when it should and the speedometer is correct again. SpeedoHealer works"

Four Wheeler MagazineFour Wheeler Magazine (December 2011: Project Long Term Clunker):

"With the bigger tires all bolted up, our speedometer was now off....You figure out how far off your speedometer is using a GPS or a stopwatch, and using the chart in the instructions, press the button until you’ve got that value on the LED screen"

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Jeeps UnlimitedJeeps Unlimited (September 2010):

"Are you like me? How many times have you changed tire sizes and gear ratios? I know that I’ve done it at least 5 times. 33”s, 36”s, 35”s now, and probably 42”s somewhere in the future. Add on to that going from 3.73 gears to 4.88’s, with 5.13’s down the road and you have quite a mix of speedometer readings...
...Once installed, the SpeedoHealer quietly sits there doing what it is supposed to: sending a modified signal to the Jeep’s computer telling it exactly how fast you are going....
...Configuration is simple. Just input the adjusted percentage of your current setup from the table that is included with the instructions"

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