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Gear Indicator Pro X-Type

Universal Gear Indicators

Compact in size, the GIPro X-Type (exclusively imported by Blue Monkey Motorsports, Inc) is simple to mount on any flat surface in the dash/gauge area. The GIPro comes in red, blue, or green LED. (yellow or white can be special ordered).

Perfect for everything from Rally and gymkhana cars to track day vehicles to custom vehicle builds.

The integrated upshift light is a great feature. It's fully programmable and causes the display to flash "U" rapidly at the preset RPM.

Example of Racing Use: The University of Wisconsin-Platteville needed a gear indicator for their Formula SAE Racing Team endeavor, where a team of 30+ undergraduate engineering and technology students build and race a formula-1 style car in a national competition each year. Their Summer 2013 race car featured the Healtech GIPro gear indicator X-Type.

Simple Installation

The GIPro X-Type(tm) by HealTech Electronics is very straightforward to install. There are just two things required for the chipset in the GIPro to algorithmically compute the correct gear; vehicle speed and RPM.

Easy to install...easy to program...durable...reliable...and backed by outstanding support and warranty!

GIPro X-Type Universal Kit
Fits ANY vehicle where an RPM wire and electronic speed signal can be tapped.

Check out the full install how-to with pics: '91 Honda Civic Si

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